Sauvat Black Diamond Compactor (115-135cm)

Combining our innovative folding Z-Pole technology with winter functionality, the Black Diamond Compactor is a four-season aluminum pole that folds into an ultra-compact package for easy storage. FlickLock Pro offers up to 20 cm of adjustability and dramatically improved clamping force in a low-profile design, while the Compactor's speed cone deployment allows it to deploy in a matter of seconds. Its small size when folded makes it ideal for splitboarding, snowshoeing and airline travel to distant winter destinations.

18 mm (.71 in) aluminum three-section shaft with speed cone deployment
Touring Series grip with fluted interior for weight reduction
Touring Series strap with lightweight webbing and plastic ladder-lock buckle
Integrated rubber grip extension
100 mm (4 in) Compact Powder Baskets with two-section pole capture
FlickLock® Pro security and adjustability up to 20 cm

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