Lumivyöryreppu ABS ABS VARIO CARBON 15 Black (S/M)

You can store everything you need for a day out in the mountains, like your avalanche safety equipment (shovel, probe), extra sweater, water bottle, video camera, snacks, etc.

In addition, the 2014 unit is very slim (30% slimmer than previous models), so in addition to its light weight (only 2,8 Kg including the carbon cartridge) it also has a really small profile which is great for using the chairlifts.

The backpack is like new, very little use, with a very cool look.

For more information about its features check out:
ABS-Airbag Official Product website

ABS Vario Airbag Official Demo Video

Pick-up can be arranged in downtown Helsinki or in Herttoniemi area.


At a small extra fee it is also possible to rent a brand new PIEPS DSP Sport emergency set, which includes:
- the PIEPS DSP sport avalanche transceiver (one of the best dynamic 3-antenna-beacon in the market!!),
- an ultra light PIEPS Shovel TOUR, and
- a 260 cm PIEPS aluminium Probe.

You can book it from here: PIEPS Avalanche Safety SET
10% discount in total price in case both items (ABS airbag backpack and PIEPS safety set) are rented together!