Landyachtz Mummy Longboard 84.5 cm

The Landyachtz Mummy is out to prove that not all carving boards are the same. Unique features such as a wedged nose, lightweight construction, and a concave/camber combination make the Mummy stand out from all other carving boards. Not just great for insane carving, the Mummy makes for a quick-turning commuter. With the right configuration, this board can also make for a fun pumping setup. If you want to carve like you have never carved before, then the Landyachtz Mummy is what you seek!

Length: 84.5 cm / 33.25”
Width: 24.3 cm / 9.55”
Construction: Bamboo and Fiberglass.
Trucks: Bear 180
Wheels: Hawgs

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alkaen EUR 4, 3 päivää EUR 11, 7 päivää EUR 25
20200 Turku