Rinkka Norrøna Recon synkroflex Pack 125L (125L)

The recon synkroflex Pack is ”The King of Backpacks” developed by the Special Forces and Norrøna. The Norwegian, Swedish and Danish military approved mega pack holds up to 125L and is suitable for even the heaviest and bulkiest loads. Designed to carry extremely heavy content over a period of time the backpack is built around a unique aluminium frame which provides stability, balance and comfort. The construction ensures that the weight is distributed evenly through the anatomically shaped back, the frame, the shoulder straps and hip belt and in tune with your body movement. It has a great range of flexible solutions and is made in an extremely durable material. The pack also has two spacious and detachable side pockets which can be zipped together to create an additional 16L backpack for shorter walks away from camp.

Eli lyhyesti suomennettuna kaikkien rinkkojen kuningas jossa toiminnallisuus ja vaatimukset laadusta ovat tulleet useamman maan erikoisjoukoilta ja Norrønalta on toteuttanut lopputuotoksen.

Recon synkroflex Pack 125L

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